My name is Mark Cruz, I'm a multidisciplinary creative working as an art director / designer. There are two things that have remained consistent in my life -design & music. I strongly believe that both mediums have a parallel path from ideation to final production. I've been a record collector for as long as I can remember, and it was music that ignited my passion for design. I was fascinated by Reid Miles, the graphic designer behind the iconic Blue Note Records album covers from the late 50’s-60's. Everything about his compositions from type to photography just resonated with me and i’ve been hooked ever since. Although design has been my chosen career, music was never too far behind. I currently produce & release music under the pseudonym QSTN. 

Since then I've worked professionally for numerous industry leaders in action sports and design agencies. I specialize in branding/identity, creative direction, and product design. Running my own design consultancy for over a decade has allowed me to exercise various skill-sets acquired through the years working with clients big and small by developing creative brand solutions. My goal is to create engaging, memorable work built on strong strategic thinking. Let's talk.